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iFly Indoor Skydiving in Virginia Beach

Feel the adrenaline rush of floating, flying and free-falling on this unforgettable iFly Indoor Skydiving Adventure!

Your instructor will be by your side to offer tips and pointers as the tunnel fills with rushing wind and you’re lifted off your feet. Hover above the ground and spin through the air before touching back down on solid ground. Then, catch your breath and get ready to fly again.

  • Experience all the thrills of skydiving in a safe indoor wind tunnel
  • Tunnel walls are clear so friends and family can watch
  • No experience necessary – learn all you need to know from certified instructors
  • Get properly prepped with a brief training session and safety orientation
  • Gear up in provided flight suit, goggles, and helmet before honing your hovering skills
  • Soar through the air without jumping from a plane on this incredible iFly Indoor Skydiving experience!


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iFly Indoor Skydiving in Virginia Beach
iFly Indoor Skydiving in Virginia Beach
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