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Flour Shop Aprons

Wearing Flour Store aprons, make enduring memories in the kitchen with your family and friends! These aprons are made of sturdy, easy-to-clean cotton and have two characteristic patterns for a distinctive appearance. They have two capacious pockets for storing recipes and kitchen items in addition to adjustable straps for a tailored fit. You’ll be able to prepare delicious dishes that everyone will remember thanks to these aprons! Bring Flour Shop aprons home now to begin creating some delectable memories.

  • The adult apron features a rainbow design and has a D-ring at the neck for easy adjustment of fit.
  • The kid apron features a smiley face design and has adjustable neckband with Velcro closure.
  • Two roomy pockets hold tools and recipes.
  • Made of durable machine-washable cotton twill.
  • By choosing our cotton products, you’re supporting our investment in Better Cotton’s mission.


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Flour Shop Aprons
Flour Shop Aprons
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