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Feraco Magnetic Copper Bracelet

Get the perfect stylish accessory that helps promote your health and well-being with the Feraco Magnetic Copper Bracelet. This unique bracelet features copper and magnets to help reduce fatigue, muscle tension, joint aches, sports-related joint pain, and static electricity.

With its fashionable design, it’s a great addition to any outfit or ensemble for both men and women. Plus, it can even have a positive effect on your digestive system, nervous system, and blood circulation! So take advantage of the latest in health fashion with Feraco’s Magnetic Copper Bracelet today!

  • Embedded with 6 pcs magnets for better effectiveness
  • Hypoallergenic,Lead & Nickel free
  • Vintage design and lightweight to wear
  • Easily resizable to fit any wrist size with a light squeeze
  • Comes in elegant gift box making it ideal



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Feraco Magnetic Copper Bracelet
Feraco Magnetic Copper Bracelet
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