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Fall Leaf Lollipops

The Fall Leaf Lollipops from an artisanal confectioner make a wonderful gift idea for any occasion. Not only is each individually wrapped lollipop made with premium ingredients and in small batches to create rich maple flavor, but it also has an edible paper maple leaf infused with aromatic vanilla inside.

They are perfect for adding an elegant touch to place settings and dessert platters, making them the ideal choice as the perfect treat or present for special occasions and events.

  • Unique, artisanal candy crafted with premium ingredients
  • Rich maple flavor with an aromatic vanilla-infused paper leaf inside each lollipop
  • Perfect for place settings and dessert platters to make a lasting impression
  • Freshness guaranteed in each individually wrapped pop


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Fall Leaf Lollipops
Fall Leaf Lollipops
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