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Exfoliating Goat’s Milk Soap

Enjoy the delicious Exfoliating Goat’s Milk Soap and treat yourself! Apricot pits, dried lavender buds, and exfoliating almond flour are all natural ingredients. Together, these components produce a luxurious texture and gently cleanse your skin of pollutants. Also, you’ll adore the lovely scent that stays on your skin for a very long time after bathing or showering. You may get a spa-like experience at home with this exfoliating goat’s milk soap. Treat yourself to this luxurious bar of soap today and treat yourself to the treatment you deserve!

  • Includes three 4 oz goat milk soaps for exfoliation, one each of almond, honey apricot, and lavender.
  • Has no gluten, artificial colors, GMOS, animal tallow, or parabens.
  • The USA is the country of origin.


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Exfoliating Goat’s Milk Soap
Exfoliating Goat’s Milk Soap
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