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Emergency Meal Transport Insulated Lunch Tote

Need a dependable way to transport your meals safely and securely? Look no further than Fred’s Emergency Meal Transport (E.M.T.) insulated lunch tote! This intelligently constructed bag has an insulated inner layer that will keep food refrigerated for hours. It is composed of strong, long-lasting materials. You can be confident that everything will arrive at its destination in pristine shape because these containers are ideal for transporting sandwiches, snacks, drinks, or even whole dinners. You won’t again have to stress about eating a cold meal again with the E.M.T.

  • Measures 9.75 x 7.5 x 6.25″
  • Insulated Lunchbox
  • Water-proof lining
  • Mesh interior pouch
  • “organ donor” ID tag included
  • Great gift
  • Funny prank


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Emergency Meal Transport Insulated Lunch Tote
Emergency Meal Transport Insulated Lunch Tote
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