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Dubai Edition Chess Set

The Dubai Edition was designed to be a highlight of European fashion at Downtown Dubai Design Week 2018.

The stunning skyline has been crafted with an eye for grandeur; Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s House is an outstanding foundation, The Cayan Tower creates a luxurious rook, the Burj al Arab’s charm serves as a knightly companion, the Rose Rotana provides a captivating bishop and the Princess Tower brings its regal elegance to bear as queen.

Finally, in majestic glory stands the tallest building in the world -the Burj Khalifa- true ruler of all.

  • Show-stopping display of Dubai’s most iconic buildings
  • 32-pieces cast in injection moulded acrylic for superior durability
  • Double weighted pieces with soft felt base for stability and comfort
  • Available in three luxurious materials for added convenience and style



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Dubai Edition Chess Set
Dubai Edition Chess Set
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