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Dried Pink Strawflower Bouquets

This colorful combination of two dried pink strawflower bouquets will enliven your decor. These flowers’ enduring beauty will leave a lasting impact and are ideal for bringing a cheery touch to any space.

The caspia used to complete each bouquet wonderfully contrasts the vivid pinks and purples that give any place a welcoming ambiance.

For years to come, savor the pure beauty of these hand-picked, air-dried flower arrangements!

  • Long-lasting enjoyment of a beautiful bouquet
  • Natural and sustainable product made with no pesticides or herbicides
  • Includes colorful strawflowers, globe amaranth, and caspia
  • A set of two for twice the beauty and pleasure!


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Dried Pink Strawflower Bouquets
Dried Pink Strawflower Bouquets
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