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Dino Egg Bath Bombs with Surprise Inside

Transform bath time into a delightful, educational experience with these unique Dino Egg Bath Bombs!

Each egg-shaped fizzie contains a surprise dino model inside, which will burst out and sink to the bottom of the tub.

With 6 vibrant colors and 6 different dinosaurs, this set is sure to create hours of captivating fun for your kids while teaching them about prehistoric creatures.

Get ready to explore a world full of adventure – drop an egg into the tub today and turn bath time into an unforgettable journey!

  • Uniquely-colored egg-shaped bath fizzies with a different dinosaur inside
  • Beautiful cards included to learn more about each dinosaur
  • 100% safe; all ingredients meet or exceed safety standards
  • Perfect STEM project for individual play or as a group activity


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Dino Egg Bath Bombs with Surprise Inside
Dino Egg Bath Bombs with Surprise Inside
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