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Digimon Bandai Digital Monster

Unleash the ultimate power of Digimon with Bandai’s Digimon Digital Monster! Hatch, raise, and train a digital monster directly from your own Megalithic Mainframe. Watch as your Digimon grows stronger through battles and challenges with friends. Feed him well to build up his strength and you’ll be rewarded when he wins the ultimate cyber showdown between two Digimons.

Control a virtual reality monster in an awesome responsibility – one that will bring honor when it returns to the Megalithic Mainframe as the strongest! With Bandai’s Digimon Digital Monster, unleash powerful digital monsters right from your fingertips!

  • The original virtual Monster you loved back in the ‘90s is back!
  • Feed him, provide medical attention, turn lights on/off, clean up after him, check his health and train him then pit him against your friend’s Digimon in a binary bout.
  • Digimon will alert you when he’s hungry or requires more training.
  • Engage the exclusive dock ‘n rock feature and pit your Digimon in a binary bout against your friend’s Digimon
  • The Digital Monster you train for action


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Digimon Bandai Digital Monster
Digimon Bandai Digital Monster


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