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Diggs Poop Bag Dispenser

The Diggs Poop Bag Dispenser makes a great gift idea for anyone who owns a pup.

Not only does this dispenser help keep poop bags easily accessible, but it also features one-hand tissue-style dispensing which adds an extra layer of convenience. The dispenser comes with 16 rolls of poop bags, making clean-up even easier and more hygienic than ever.

This is the perfect gift for any pup parent looking to make their pet walks less messy and more enjoyable!

  • Seamless integration with Diggs Poop Bags and most standard waste bags
  • Revolutionary tissue-style poop bags dispense easily with one hand
  • Quick and easy refills – no need to detach the dispenser from the leash
  • Smooth operation with an inner spindle for smooth dispensing


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Diggs Poop Bag Dispenser
Diggs Poop Bag Dispenser
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