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DeMarini Wood Fungo Baseball Bat

Giving a DeMarini Wood Fungo Baseball Bat as a gift is an excellent way to help coaches and athletes take control of their infield and outfield drills. This bat is made with full Maple construction, making it strong enough to withstand repeated use and giving it that traditional fungo feel that coaches love.

The unique design also helps improve precision when hitting grounders or pop-ups, making it easier for players to practice different skills without having to worry about the ball going too far. All in all, this bat makes a great gift for any coach or player looking to up their game in the field.

  • Full Maple construction provides a traditional fungo feel
  • Long barrel design for improved reach and an extended handle for added swing speed
  • Ultra-lightweight feel for comfortable control while swinging
  • Exceptional performance characteristics to help hone skills on the field


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DeMarini Wood Fungo Baseball Bat
DeMarini Wood Fungo Baseball Bat
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