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Decorative Candle Warmer Lamp

The Decorative Candle Warmer Lamp can help you create a warm ambiance. This chic lamp not only provides ambiance to your space, but it also melts your favorite scented candles without the dangers of an open flame.

This stylish warmer, made of wood, allows you to set the schedule for when your aromatherapy candles will turn off, making it great for those evenings when you wish to sleep well.

Relax and enjoy the delightful aroma of your favorite candle in any part of your home, knowing that this ingenious warmer will turn off automatically when the timer runs out!

  • Safely warm and melt your candle without the worry of an open flame
  • 2 stylish patterns to add a decorative touch to any room
  • Auto shut-off design for easy use and peace of mind
  • Durable wood construction for long-lasting use and enjoyment


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Decorative Candle Warmer Lamp
Decorative Candle Warmer Lamp
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