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Cube Shape Busy Board

Introduce your toddler to the Cube Shape Busy Board – an educational toy that helps improve their fine motor skills! This high-quality wooden toy is equipped with clock, fingertip gyroscope, switch, universal wheel, retro wooden case lock and padlock for different activities. Your little one can explore and discover new things with this fun cube toy. It also opens like a box with a compass and mirror inside – perfect for curious minds! Plus, it’s easy to carry around so you can take it during your travels. Get the Cube Shape Busy Board today and watch as your child enjoys countless hours of learning while having fun!

  • Develops fine motor skills in toddlers aged 1-3
  • High-quality wooden base with various activities to keep toddlers engaged
  • Montessori toys and learning toys for preschool education
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination, problem solving ability and thinking skills


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Cube Shape Busy Board
Cube Shape Busy Board
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