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Crystal Poinsettia Figurine Ornament

Add a unique and elegant touch to your Christmas decorations with this sparkling Crystal Poinsettia Figurine Ornament. Crafted from high-quality lead-free K9 crystal, this ornament is cut into the shape of a beautiful poinsettia flower, perfect for bringing joy and hope to your holiday decor.

With its intricate cuts and lovely shine, it will make an eye-catching centerpiece on any table or mantelpiece. And because it’s handmade by our expert craftsmen, you can be sure that each one is unique in its own way.

Give the gift of joy and beauty with this Crystal Poinsettia Figurine Ornament – perfect for brightening up any space!

  • Unique decoration to add fun and vitality to any living space
  • Symbolism of the star of Bethlehem, Jesus’ blood, and his purity
  • Beautiful and stylish ornament to enhance the look of your home
  • Captivating colors in direct sunlight for a breathtaking feeling


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Crystal Poinsettia Figurine Ornament
Crystal Poinsettia Figurine Ornament
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