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Crystal Glass USB 3.0

The Crystal Glass USB 3.0 is an ideal gift for any occasion as it is both visually stunning and highly practical. The glass casing gives the device a beautiful, eye-catching aesthetic that will stand out from other gifts, while its premium design ensures it will be able to store large amounts of data with great speed and reliability.

Furthermore, when presented in one of our finely-threaded cream linen fabric boxes with a perfectly fitted slot that hides the USB drive within, this makes for a remarkably thoughtful and unique present that your recipient will cherish for years to come.

  • Stylish and modern design that stands out
  • High storage capacity for easy file transfer
  • Luxurious box made from finely-threaded cream linen fabric
  • Secure slot for a neat appearance that emphasizes the crystal glass design


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Crystal Glass USB 3.0
Crystal Glass USB 3.0
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