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Cooking Class – Homemade Lasagna

Create a delicious Italian classic with our Homemade Lasagna Cooking Class! Impress your friends and family with this hearty meal that everyone will enjoy. Using fresh ingredients, you will learn how to make the perfect pasta sheets for lasagna, two sauces and how to layer the ingredients for optimal flavor. Sign up today and get cooking!

To get fully prepared for class, download our prep packet filled with essential shopping lists, pre-class prep guides and more.

  • Use the shopping list to gather ingredients prior to the day of class
  • Class start time is listed in Eastern Time
  • Classes are 1 1/2 to 2 hours, unless otherwise noted above
  • Each class is a password-protected Zoom session


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Cooking Class – Homemade Lasagna
Cooking Class – Homemade Lasagna
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