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Construction Kit Buildings & Bridges

Take your engineering skills to the next level with Engino’s Construction Kit Buildings & Bridges! This set is perfect for discovering the fundamentals of buildings and bridges, allowing you to construct 9 working models with easy-to-follow instructions. Learn about different types of bridges, like beam, arch, truss, cable-stayed, and suspension bridge – and how to apply various forces and reduce their effects.

With this kit you can understand real-world applications of science in a fun and engaging way that will have you building impressive structures in no time. So unleash your creativity today with Engino’s Construction Kit Buildings & Bridges!

  • Discover the science behind buildings and bridges
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and facts
  • Chosen as one of the 21 best STEM toys and gadgets
  • Fun experiments and virtual reality building with Engino


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Construction Kit Buildings & Bridges
Construction Kit Buildings & Bridges
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