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CoComelon JJ Recycled Plush Doll

Cuddly for kids and kind to the planet! Fans of the CoComelon animated series will love snuggling with the CoComelon JJ Recycled Plush doll. This eco-friendly plushie is incredibly soft and huggable, and made completely from recycled plastic. Toddlers will love holding onto this super-soft 13-inch plush JJ doll, while they watch their favorite episodes of CoComelon. What a perfect snuggle buddy for nap time, story time, and bedtime! Eco-minded parents will appreciate that both the plushie and its packaging are recyclable, too.

  • For kids ages 18 months and up.
  • It features embroidered details and wears an adorable CoComelon plush T-shirt.
  • Using game-changing technology, discarded plastic is processed and spun into fibers that are used to make the plush fabric and stuffing.


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CoComelon JJ Recycled Plush Doll
CoComelon JJ Recycled Plush Doll
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