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CICIMELON Large Capacity Pencil Case

The CICIMELON Large Capacity Pencil Case is an ideal gift idea for anyone who loves to stay organized. It has a high-quality construction featuring strong metal zippers and lightweight yet durable material that provides great protection against dust, tear-resistant, scratches, and abrasions.

The convenient design features three compartments to easily separate and organize items while still having a large capacity space. Additionally, the easy-to-grip zipper pulls make it simple to open and close the case with ease.

With its stylish look and practicality, this pencil case makes a great gift for students, teachers, artists or anyone looking for an organized way to store their writing supplies.

  • Roomy space to store up to 50 pens or pencils and other gadgets
  • 3 separate compartments to organize your items
  • Multi-functional, can be used as a cosmetic bag, craft pouch, travel bag, etc.
  • Convenient design for easy use and finding items


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CICIMELON Large Capacity Pencil Case
CICIMELON Large Capacity Pencil Case
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