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Christmas Tree Table Lamp

The Christmas Tree Table Lamp is the perfect holiday gift for someone special in your life. Not only does it have a beautiful and festive design, but its practicality makes it an even better choice.

The USB charging capability allows you to quickly power up the lamp without having to worry about cords and plugs, making it ideal for any occasion.

Its warm glow creates a cozy atmosphere that will instantly transform any space into one full of holiday cheer.

It’s also small enough to fit on almost any table, shelf or mantel, making it a great addition to any home during the winter season.

  • Material: Wood, acrylic
  • Size: 4.7×4.7×13.8 inch
  • Battery Capacity: 6000 mAh
  • Powered by: USB charging
  • Charge Time: 7H
  • Use Time: 24-72H


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Christmas Tree Table Lamp
Christmas Tree Table Lamp
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