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Caticorn Mermaid Plush Toy

Say hello to the adorable Caticorn Mermaid Plush Toy! This curious Squishmallow loves swimming to the depths of the sea with her mer-gals where they go on all sorts of adventures. When she’s not on an underwater mission, you can find her studying to become a real-life explorer and archaeologist.

Crafted from a super soft marshmallow-like texture and polyester, this caticorn mermaid is perfect for cuddles and hugs – plus, it’s easily washable for whenever she needs a refresher.

Add this loveable buddy to your squad today and get ready for all kinds of fun adventures!

  • Grow your collection with an adorable and cuddly plush
  • Enjoy the comfort of a soft, squishable buddy for car rides and movie marathons
  • Quality materials makes this plush durable and long-lasting
  • Unique personalities to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect match!


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Caticorn Mermaid Plush Toy
Caticorn Mermaid Plush Toy
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