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Caraway’s Whistling Tea Kettle

Enjoy a cup of tea with Caraway’s Whistling Tea Kettle. Our stylish and durable stainless steel kettle is designed to make a statement in any kitchen, while also providing you with clean boiling water free of chemicals or toxins. The sturdy construction ensures the kettle will whistle on the stovetop for years to come, so you can enjoy your favorite tea for longer. With its eye-catching design and easy-to-use handle, it’s an essential piece for any home. Get ready to impress guests with your whistling kettle!

  • Complementary pot holder for safe handling and easy use
  • Soothing single-tone whistle call when boiling
  • Durable ceramic-coated stainless steel body for boiling clean water
  • Compatible with electric, gas, and induction cooktops for any stovetop


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Caraway’s Whistling Tea Kettle
Caraway’s Whistling Tea Kettle
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