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Calcifer Howls Moving Castle

Introducing Calcifer from Howls Moving Castle – the perfect addition to your Studio Ghibli collection! This 3D print is available in both Unfinished and Finished versions. The Unfinished version comes fresh off the printer with no sanding, no primer and no painting required. On the other hand, the Finished version is sanded, primed and painted for a smooth finish that looks amazing on display.

Add this beautiful piece to your home or office today and show off your love of Studio Ghibli!

  • Unique 3D Print of Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle
  • High-quality PLA material for long-lasting durability
  • Choice of Unfinished or Finished to suit your individual needs
  • Compact size (95mm by 95mm by 92mm) perfect for display in any space


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Calcifer Howls Moving Castle
Calcifer Howls Moving Castle
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