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Bumble Knit Bee Gnomes Plush Set

The Bumble Knit Bee Gnomes Plush Set can help you spread love and warmth throughout your home. They bring a fun element to any area with their expressive faces and vibrant colors. Folklore has it that these gnomes not only have a lovely appearance but also assist guard your house against bad luck. Today, add this special set to your collection and allow these endearing figures to fill your house with happiness, luck, and solace.

  • Flexible and easy to position with a built-in soft iron wire
  • Durable construction made of fiber material with plush fur accents
  • Perfect for indoor/outdoor decorations or gifting friends, family, and neighbors


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Bumble Knit Bee Gnomes Plush Set
Bumble Knit Bee Gnomes Plush Set
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