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Bumble Bee Spring Gnome Decorations

These Bumble Bee Spring Gnome Decorations will infuse your house with a sense of coziness and charm. These three adorable bee sprites, made of polyresin, are full of vivid colors and intricate details that bring the magic of nature into your home. These bumble bee gnomes are sure to make everyone smile, whether they are being used as a good luck charm or simply for décor. Put them on shelves, in flowerbeds, or wherever you think they’ll add a little additional charm. Get yours now for the ideal present for fans of dwarfs and bee collecting!

  • Enhance your home with a unique, elegant charm
  • Ideal for layering trays, shelves, windowsills and more
  • A perfect gift for any occasion
  • Compact size fits almost anywhere in your home


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Bumble Bee Spring Gnome Decorations
Bumble Bee Spring Gnome Decorations
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