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Breville HydroPro Plus

The Breville HydroPro Plus is an excellent gift choice for anyone who loves to cook. Its unique digital needle probe and large color touchscreen make it easy to prepare sous-vide meals with precision and accuracy.

It features a Sous Vide Toolbox guide that calculates the ideal cooking time and temperature, as well as stores the cooking and cooling time during each use. The data can then be transferred to the HACCP Manager App, allowing users to keep a log of all their delicious creations.

This advanced appliance is perfect for those who want restaurant-quality meals at home, making it a great kitchen addition for any cooking enthusiast.

  • Real-time core temperature display for precise sous-vide cooking
  • Automatically calculates time and temperature for a wide range of ingredients
  • Bluetooth-enabled data transfer to HACCP Manager App (Android and iOS)
  • Innovative pumping system with adjustable flow direction and speeds for fast setup


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Breville HydroPro Plus
Breville HydroPro Plus
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