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Boston Harbor Sailing Cruise

A Boston Harbor Sailing Cruise is the ideal way to spend an afternoon on the East Coast, allowing you to bask in the beauty of one of America’s most iconic skylines. The Adirondack III is a stunning 80-foot pilot schooner that will take you around the harbor, offering complimentary beverages while you enjoy breathtaking views and historical landmarks.

This cruise provides a unique and memorable experience that can’t be found anywhere else, so why not give it a try? You won’t regret it!

Notable scenery on this cruise may include:

  • The Boston Fish Pier
  • Moakley Federal Courthouse at Fan Pier
  • Castle Island and the Donald McKay monument
  • Inner Harbor Islands
  • Charleston Navy Yard
  • Waterfront Park
  • Harpoon Brewery
  • The New England Aquarium


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Boston Harbor Sailing Cruise
Boston Harbor Sailing Cruise
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