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Blush Tulip Front Door Wreath

With this gorgeous Blush Tulip Front Door Wreath from The Wreath Depot, you can transform the entry to your house into a cheery and welcoming space. Handcrafted on a natural wreath base with luscious red, yellow, and orange silk tulips and sprigs of greenery, this wreath will liven up your front door display with vibrancy.

This extra-full wreath will stand out against any background or time of year! Discover the superiority of handcrafted design not available in traditional retail outlets. Make a statement right away by including this lovely Blush Tulip Front Door Wreath in your interior design!

  • Approved for outdoor use if displayed on a sheltered door that is not exposed to direct rain.
  • Handcrafted spring tulip wreath on a natural base with over 240 designer-quality silk tulip heads.
  • Different shades of red, orange, and yellow silk tulip heads.


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Blush Tulip Front Door Wreath
Blush Tulip Front Door Wreath
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