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Barbie The Movie Ken Doll

The Barbie The Movie Ken Doll is a great gift idea for fans of the movie and collectors alike. This doll comes dressed in a striped matching set, inspired by Ken’s character in the movie, and also includes a surfboard accessory.

Not only does it look great on display, but it also celebrates the iconic Barbie The Movie. It’s perfect for anyone looking to add something special to their collection or show off their love of the classic film!

  • Recreate scenes from Barbie The Movie with this Ken Doll
  • Posable body allows for a range of dynamic playtime opportunities
  • Displayable packaging makes for a great gift or collectible item
  • Expand your collection with other items from the Barbie The Movie series


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Barbie The Movie Ken Doll
Barbie The Movie Ken Doll


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