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Barbie Dreamplane

The Barbie Dreamplane is a great gift idea for imaginative kids, as it allows them to explore the world by pretending to take off on exciting adventures with their favorite doll.

The plane features realistic touches like reclining seats, working overhead compartments and a snack cart with removable trays, creating an immersive experience that will spark hours of creative role play. It also comes with accessories such as mini food and drink items to further enhance the fun.

With its unique design inspired by the popular Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures series, this toy provides an engaging way for fans to peek into the everyday life of Barbie while using their imaginations to create their own stories in flight.

  • Fifteen pieces included for maximum fun
  • Rolling wheels to taxi on the runway and increased play space
  • Realistic reclining seats, TV screens, luggage storage, and snack cart
  • Perfectly sized for imaginative play and maximum engagement with your child


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Barbie Dreamplane
Barbie Dreamplane
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