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Barbie DreamHouse

Gifting a Barbie Dreamhouse to someone is an ideal way to encourage creative play and stimulate imaginative thinking. Not only does the dollhouse stand 43 inches tall and 41 inches wide, it features three floors, 10 indoor and outdoor living areas, customizable light settings, songs, soundscapes, and transforming furniture that can help bring stories to life.

With its innovative design and realistic details that make it easy for little ones to explore new adventures every day, the Barbie DreamHouse provides hours of fun for children of all ages. It also encourages cooperative play as kids come together to create unique storylines with their own characters. As such, gifting a Barbie DreamHouse is sure to delight any child or grandchild in your life!

  • Transformative furniture to double the fun
  • Overall realistic feel with 75 story-telling accessories
  • Working elevator and pool for extra interactive play
  • Variety of rooms for a complete play experience


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Barbie DreamHouse
Barbie DreamHouse


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