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AstroAI 6L Mini Fridge 2.0 Gen

The AstroAI 6L Mini Fridge 2.0 Gen provides cooling and storage in a portable and stylish design. We wanted our all-new mini fridge to be versatile, efficient and modern. So, we included AC and DC power cables for at-home or in-car use, a unique ventilation grill with layered insulation and an adjustable shelf. Whether you’re using it as an accessory, appliance or both, the upgraded AstroAI 6L mini fridge is equipped for all of life’s adventures.

  • Sleek and modern design for a contemporary touch to any space
  • Store up to 8*355ml cans or 4*20oz bottles of water with detachable shelf for customized storage
  • Enhanced refrigeration chip offers superior temperature control and performance
  • Unique silicone pads on the base prevent slippage, protecting furniture and vehicles


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AstroAI 6L Mini Fridge 2.0 Gen
AstroAI 6L Mini Fridge 2.0 Gen
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