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Arme 20-Pieces Wooden Kids Knife Set

The Arme 20-Pieces Wooden Kids Knife Set is an excellent gift for young kids because it allows them to safely and easily participate in kitchen activities with their parents.

The knives are ergonomically designed, with a wavy serration on the blade that makes it difficult to cut themselves and a sleek handle design that makes it easy to grip. Additionally, the set includes gloves made of high-quality silica gel that further protect kid’s hands from cuts and dirt.

By gifting this set, parents can encourage their children to exercise hand-eye coordination, build parent-child relationships, and enhance cognitive ability while having fun in the kitchen.

  • High-quality materials for maximum safety and durability
  • Non-toxic and contains no harmful substances
  • Easily cuts through fruits, vegetables, biscuits, cakes and more
  • Perfect for teaching kids to cook in a safe environment


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Arme 20-Pieces Wooden Kids Knife Set
Arme 20-Pieces Wooden Kids Knife Set


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