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Architecture: A Visual History

With Architecture: A Visual History, travel through some of the most magnificent buildings in history.

Discover the fascinating intricacies and amazing tales that lie beneath some of the most cherished structures in the world, from historic monuments to contemporary skyscrapers. You’ll see famous architectural designs up close and learn how they changed over time.

You’ll have an entirely new experience with these works of art because to the bright photographs, engaging facts, and informative cross-sections. With the help of this fascinating visual history, explore the wonders of architecture and satisfy your curiosity.

  • Discover the architectural wonders of the world in one stunning volume
  • Behold 10 unique CGI artworks to get a pristine view of buildings
  • Exquisite photography and clear annotations bring out all the details
  • Make a perfect purchase for anyone interested in architecture with a special slipcase
  • Hardcover, 416 pages.


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Architecture: A Visual History
Architecture: A Visual History
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