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Annoushka Marguerite Cocktail Necklace

An incredible Annoushka Marguerite Cocktail Necklace hand crafted in 18ct white Gold with 101 sparkling white diamonds. With a total diamond carat weight of 5.54ct, this high polish necklace comes with a fish hook clasp and detachable drop and brooch. Amp up the glamour and wear the cascading brooch or remove for a more subtle appeal. Style with matching Marguerite diamond earrings and ring stacks to complement your look. Inspired by the quintessential British countryside in Summer, Marguerite speaks of Annoushka’s love of untamed meadows and distinctive rural hedgerows, bursting with flora and fauna. There is only one of this necklace available.

  • Imported
  • 18ct White Gold
  • Gemstone: Diamonds
  • Diamond Carat Weight: 5.54ct
  • Detachable Brooch
  • 101 White Diamonds


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Annoushka Marguerite Cocktail Necklace
Annoushka Marguerite Cocktail Necklace


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