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ANGOOBABY Boba Milk Tea Pop Up Pencil Case

ANGOOBABY’s Boba Milk Tea Pop Up Pencil Case is an ideal gift for anyone needing to organize their stationery and other supplies. Not only does it feature a unique bubble tea cup design with a small straw that adds fun to learning, but it also offers plenty of storage space for up to 20-40 slim pens or pencils.

Its retractable feature allows it to stand up on the table, making it easy to push your stationery out and put it back in the pouch. Plus, its practical makeup bag design provides easy access to headphones, charging cords, chargers, USB memory sticks, SD cards, and other little adapters that come in handy in everyday life.

  • Practical and stylish design – ideal for gifting
  • Retractable pen pouch can stand up on the table for easy access
  • Bubble tea cup design adds fun to learning
  • Capacity to store up to 40 slim pens or pencils, plus additional items like headphones or USB memory sticks


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ANGOOBABY Boba Milk Tea Pop Up Pencil Case
ANGOOBABY Boba Milk Tea Pop Up Pencil Case
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