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3-Pack Airplane Launcher Toy

The 3-Pack Airplane Launcher Toy is an excellent gift for children of all ages.

It provides fun and interactive play with its two flight modes, allowing kids to enjoy the visual impact brought by plane gliding as well as the challenge of running to pick up their planes. Additionally, each airplane comes in different colors (blue, orange and red) and has LED lights that will entertain your child even at night.

With this toy, children can explore their imagination while developing important motor skills without needing any screens or technology. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and use so your child can be playing almost immediately after opening it!

  • Stimulate your child’s DIY interest and ability
  • Improve hand-eye coordination, observation, and sense of direction
  • Effective range of 33-49ft and lightweight for convenience
  • Non-toxic and safe materials for peace of mind


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3-Pack Airplane Launcher Toy
3-Pack Airplane Launcher Toy


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