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10 Pcs Silk Gold Flowers

Add a beautiful and elegant touch to any room with these 10 Pcs Silk Gold Flowers. These gorgeous, lifelike flowers feature vivid green leaves and long plastic stems that will never wilt or die. The petals are full and soft, giving them a natural look that won’t fade over time. Perfect for weddings, parties and home decorations, these silk gold flowers are an ideal choice for those who suffer from allergies or have pets in the house. Bring beauty into your home with these 10 Pcs Silk Gold Flowers.

  • Durable and bendable plastic stem for easy fitting
  • Create your own style decoration with other fake flowers
  • Elegant radiance to brighten up dull tables and backdrops
  • Perfect for home decoration, weddings, parties, and more!


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10 Pcs Silk Gold Flowers
10 Pcs Silk Gold Flowers
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