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#1 Cat Dad Men’s Boxer

Looking for a fun way to give your cat a break from her petting sessions? Try our #1 Cat Dad Men’s Boxer Briefs! These stylish underwear have got you covered, and they’re sure to satisfy a cat lover’s wistfulness.

First of all, these briefs have got you covered: they have a novelty underwear effect, and they’re made of comfortable material that will last long. Plus, they come in a fun gift box that makes them easy to decorate with their special touches. So go ahead and make that cat-loving birthday party official with these men’s boxers.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Extra light fabric (3.8 oz/yd² (129 g/m²))
  • Regular fit
  • Printed care label


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#1 Cat Dad Men’s Boxer
#1 Cat Dad Men’s Boxer


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